Atlanta fences here 

Since 1980, we’ve been sharing our passion for fencing in Georgia as the state’s first fencing club. We serve members from age 5 to 85, from beginners to top-level competitive fencers and enjoy sharing our passion with anyone interested in the sport. Located just 15 minutes south of downtown Atlanta, we offer fencing in all three disciplines, private lessons and group foil or epee classes for all skill-levels six days a week. 

Only a few minutes off the highway, our 7,000 square foot facility is tucked away in a sustainably-converted auto-shop. We have 9 strips on a raised wood floor, a cross-training area, fencing dummy, weapons workstation and offer club equipment for our fencers to use.  



Our experienced coaching staff offers one-on-one and group lessons for all weapons and skill-levels.


Every week, we offer multiple classes for youth, beginners and competitive epee and foil fencers.


In addition to classes, fencers visit to free fence every day of the week. Contact Maestro Gene to learn more.